Visa launches India Roadmap to Strengthen Payments Security


Aims at securing India’s dynamic digital payments ecosystem from emerging threats


Visa (NYSE: V), the global leader in digital payments, today launched the Future of Security Roadmap for India to further secure the country’s payments ecosystem over the next three years. Today, as India swiftly moves towards becoming a digital forward country, Visa’s security roadmap launch is seen to be timely and relevant, given its objective to strike the right balance between frictionless payments and payment security in today’s rapidly digitizing economy.

At the launch, Vipin Surelia, Head – Risk Services India and South Asia, Visa said, “As users across the country get more comfortable with transacting digitally, – online and in-store, it is important that we make the experience convenient, fast, and secure. Our longstanding commitment to India is cardinally centered on payment security; and by unveiling Visa’s Future of Security Roadmap for India, we are strengthening this relationship with our ecosystem partners and helping consumers build long-term trust in digital payments across all stakeholders.”

Commenting on the launch, TR Ramachandran, Group Country Manager, India and South Asia, Visa said, “Visa’s experience for customers is multi-faceted, but the two biggest aspects of it are security and accessibility. As a network working for everyone, we are conscious that consumer trust comes with responsibility and innovation. By keeping security central to design, we enable clients and consumers to adopt new payment methods with ease and confidence. The Future of Security Roadmap for India is one such step to ensure that this trust is built and safeguarded over the years.”

  • While the Security Roadmap is a multiyear initiative to fortify the payments ecosystem, it focuses on the following aspects in 2022 –Tokenization of data held outside financial institutions: Tokenization breaks down the risk barriers around putting sensitive account information into numerous, varied devices. This provides two key benefits – consumer & ecosystem security, and an enhanced checkout experience. With an added layer of security to mobile and digital payments while ensuring a frictionless shopping experience for consumers, tokenization will also open the door to new, secure ways to pay and be paid.
  • Enabling fintechs to assess risk in early stages of product development: Despite strong capabilities and vast potential to introduce innovative use cases and quickly scale up transactions, fintechs are still fairly new to the payment ecosystem. This roadmap will help engage with fintechs early on and strengthen any vulnerabilities in their innovative use cases – a process that can cultivate a ‘risk-culture’ within the fintech ecosystem.
  • Utilising artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent fraud: Our real-time fraud detection capability has helped prevent more than USD26 billion in global payment fraud annually. Every Visa transaction is assessed against more than 500 risk attributes to produce a risk score. Financial institutions can use this score to decide whether to decline or approve a transaction.


While the Roadmap focuses on several initiatives that enable security to evolve at the same pace as the technologies changing the way we pay, the core tenets of the roadmap include:

  • Devalue data by removing sensitive payment data from the ecosystem and make stolen account details useless
  • Protect data by implementing safeguards to protect personal data as well as account details
  • Harness data by identifying potential fraud before it occurs and increase confidence in approving good transactions
  • Empower everyone, including account holders and merchants, to play an active role in securing payments

Visa works with industry stakeholders including financial institutions, merchants, policymakers, law enforcement and accountholders to secure payments. The Visa Future of Security Roadmap is the product of comprehensive consultations and collaboration, making it an authoritative document on India payments security. Visa is delivering roadmaps around the world to ensure the security of the global commerce ecosystem and aims to work with Indian industry bodies to align security initiatives.


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