Visa, in partnership with The Asia Foundation, is recruiting women for the Visa Returnship Program,
in Bangalore.

Visa is a world leader in payments and technology, with over 259 billion transactions flowing safely across our global network each year. 

We bring together the power of people, partnerships and one of the most dynamic, open networks in the industry. 

Visa is a technology company, and technology underpins everything we do.

Visa, in partnership with The Asia Foundation, is recruiting women for the Visa Returnship Program, based in our Bangalore office. This is a 6-month work-based upskilling program for women who have previously worked in the technology field, have taken a career break, and who are ready to start a new chapter by returning to the technology workforce.

The program brings the benefits of Visa’s extensive expertise in payments and payment network technology to women seeking to upgrade their skills and expertise to facilitate a return to the workforce. 

The program will feature upskilling and on-the-job training, and you will gain a solid understanding of the payment industry across traditional, eCommerce and FinTech players.

You will have the opportunity to train and be upskilled in software development and test engineering roles within Visa. As this returnship requires full-time commitment for 6 months, you will receive a stipend in addition to coaching support and other employee benefits.

How to apply

If you're ready for the next chapter of your career in technology and looking to join the next cohort in August 2023, sign up for the Visa Returnship Program below:

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  1. Women Technologist with work authorization to work in the country this position is in 
  2. I have previously worked in a Tech role
  3. I am committed to restarting my career 
  4. If I am selected for the program, I am able to work in Visa’s office in Bangalore
Executive Coaching Consultancy
The Asia Foundation

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